Aquatic Animal Health
is our Priority

We engineer aquatic systems using pumps and controllers from Iwaki and Walchem, world leaders in fluid handling and precise water quality control. We use high quality components on our standard Zebrafish systems and on every custom aquatic system.

Biological support from our expert staff ensures reproducibility and high quality results Let’s plan your next project!

Aquatic systems and solutions, designed by professionals and built to drive your research forward.

We engineer life support systems, dosing systems and aquatic housing using reliable Iwaki metering pumps, the industry leader. Iwaki pumps, known for their quiet operation, have been the aquarium pump of choice for decades.

With biomedical research lab management experience and aquaculture expertise, we bring your lab the most reliable, efficient systems to provide the results you need to drive your research forward. Iwaki Aquatic only uses high quality components and system configuration is designed with your ergonomics and safety in mind.

Our systems save technician time, save on maintenance and are designed with the end user in mind.

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Zebrafish Housing

  • Solid shelving so water does not drip on tanks below
  • Available in many configurations
  • Dual rack system
  • PVC-Free Toxicolgy systems

Xenopus Housing

Our tanks and dosing system are in compliance with regulatory standards and built from the Aquatic Lab Manager's perspective.

  • Acrylic Tanks that do not become brittle and crack
  • Easy access to animals with crystal clear view allows health checks and counting animals
  • Self cleaning tanks are pitched at an angle and baffle keeps waste away from animals
  • Shaded sides provide enrichment
  • Tanks drain and can be easily removed and loaded in cagewasher
  • Reliable monitoring system with Walchem probes

Check and change your parameters and program water changes from anywhere !

Custom Systems

We build custom aquatic systems. We build housing for any species taking into account your unique husbandry requirements and your existing protocols.

Animal Health starts with Water Quality

Tank Talk

Stay apprised of the latest happenings in the aquatic industry with a selection of the latest blog posts from the Iwaki Aquatic Team, including our latest products, installations, and commentary on aquatic industry news and research.


We offer Maintenance Plans and Biological Support

With a Biologist and Engineers on staff, we can create housing systems to suit your organism’s unique needs.  


Remote Control Facility Monitoring

Walchem controllers have communications capabilities that allow you to monitor and change your system parameters anytime from ANYWHERE in the world with just a web browser.


On-line Multiple Account Management With Vtouch

On-line summary of account status – Water quality values continuously udated including past 24 hour min, max & average values, as well as alarm status.


Iwaki and Walchem are Leaders in Fluid Handling and Controller Technology

Consistent water quality eliminates stress on the animals. Aquatic animals use their lateral line system and are very sensitive to heat and vibration. The type of pumps and other equipment must be taken into consideration. Iwaki Pumps are quiet, virtually vibration-free and produce minimal heat. This means your systems and animal facilities will not overheat from the pump. Our designs are based on regulatory requirements occupational safety so you can expect to be able to monitor and easily maintain all of your aquatic system components.

Call us for more information. We are happy to service your existing facility or help you innovate your systems. We want to hear about your next project!

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