Aquatic systems and solutions, designed by professionals and built to drive your research forward.

We engineer life support systems, dosing systems and aquatic housing using reliable Iwaki metering pumps, the industry leader. Iwaki pumps, known for their quiet operation, have been the aquarium pump of choice for decades.
With biomedical research lab management experience and aquaculture expertise, we bring your lab the most reliable, efficient systems to provide the results you need to drive your research forward. Iwaki Aquatic only uses high quality components and system configuration is designed with your ergonomics and safety in mind.
Our systems save technician time, save on maintenance and are designed from the end user's perspective.

Animal Health Starts with Water Quality

Reproducible results at the bench are directly correlated with the water quality, environmental conditions and animal health. Consistent parameters in the facility yield good data. Iwaki Aquatic combines two decades of aquatic system design expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with excellent water quality and a very stable system.
Zebrafish Housing
> Innovative designs
> Many configurations
> Flow-through or recirculating

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Xenopus Housing
> Multiple tank sizes
> Easy access tanks
> Self-cleaning, flood & flush drain technology
Multi-Rack Aquatic Housing
> For any aquatic species
> Low maintenenance life support systems that are easy to operate
> Unique to your husbandry requirements

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Our proven technologies combine to eliminate stress on aquatic animals

Iwaki and Walchem are leaders in fluid handling and controller technology.

Iwaki Pumps
Iwaki pumps are quiet, virtually vibration-free and produce minimal heat. Our designs are based on current regulatory requirements. Our technology enables you to easily control, monitor and maintain all of your aquatic systems.

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Walchem Metering Pumps
Walchem  metering pumps are extremely accurate and have been used in the industry for decades. Our dosing systems give you perfectly dosed water every time.  Other systems on the market use peristaltic pumps which tend to contribute to overdosing.

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Walchem Controllers & Sensors
Our onsite team of hardware and software engineers keep our Walchem systems current with the latest technology. Walchem  controllers and metering pumps work synergistically to manage and maintain your water quality and dosing application with precision. 

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We offer Maintenance Plans and Biological Support

With a biologist and engineers on staff, we can create housing systems to suit your organisms unique needs.
Call us for more information. We are happy to service your existing facility or help you innovate your systems. We want to hear about your next project!

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