Iwaki Aquatic Services

From system troubleshooting to biological support, Iwaki Aquatic has you covered!
Our service technicians are trained in installation, preventative maintenance and control retrofits on all types of systems.  Whether your lab is outfitted with an Iwaki Aquatic, Pentair, Aquatic Habitats, Marine Biotech, or Aquaneering system our skilled field service techs will bring your lab to its optimum performance.
Our staff biologists offer their expertise to improve your aquatic organism outcomes, including water quality, disease and health, and improved egg yield. We also do retrofits to improve your water quality, reduce maintenance, and can adapt our Walchem probes to increase your ability to remotely monitor your system’s health.

Biological Support


Staff Training


System Assessments & Upgrades


System Maintenance

Aquatic facility management experience and an educated staff is crucial in a biomedical research laboratory.  We bring our precision and strategic planning to help make your lab a success!
Our engineering expertise allows us to deliver evidence-based solutions to your facility. We can handle the life cycle of your lab, whether you have existing systems and are looking to expand, or a new lab startup - Iwaki Aquatic can make your laboratory a success. Let us quote your next system!
Our services include:
  • Custom system configuration to make the best use of laboratory space
  • Controller technology and water quality probes
  • Service plans to maintain your existing systems
  • Design and build-out of a new facility
  • Workshops and training in aquatic systems

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