Xenopus System

System Features

  • Available in stand-alone, flow-through and multi-rack configurations
  • Standard configuration is a four-shelf system. Custom configurations available, please inquire
  • All systems feature Iwaki Aquatic magnetic drive pumps for minimal noise and vibration
  • Powder coated aluminum or stainless steel racks with leveling feet options
  • Open shelving provides easy access to tanks, water feed and drain manifolds
  • System plumbing is designed with unions in strategic locations so the entire system can be easily disassembled for cleaning
  • Titanium chiller options

Innovative Tank Design

  • 16 liter and 23 liter polycarbonate tanks and lids standard. Other sizes are available, please inquire
  • Tanks feature our “flood and flush” siphon drain assembly for unmatched solids removal efficiency
  • Overflow drain in rear tank wall provides added redundancy
  • Tanks are placed on black shelf decking for reduced algal growth and preferred background for Xenopus
  • Aeration option for tanks
  • Tadpole drains available

Iwaki Aquatic Life Support Controller

  • Monitor and control your system remotely with any internet ready device and our powerful cloud based software platform
  • Sends email or SMS text alerts when parameters are out of range
  • Chart/graph water quality parameters over time. Up to 90 days with 15 minute sampling intervals
  • Standard with pH, temperature, conductivity sensors and dosing control
  • System includes level and flow sensors for safety and shut-down of electrical components in the event of a low water or low flow situation

Filtration System      

  • Low maintenance oversized moving bed biofilter
  • Stainless steel UV unit
  • Large capacity 50-micron cartridge filter
  • 600 gram capacity activated carbon filter
  • 150-200 micron filter pad