Zebrafish Housing (ITS-Z) Features

  • Available in five and six shelf configurations. Smaller two and three shelf systems are also available
  • Available in stand-alone, flow-through, or multi-rack configurations with a centralized life support system
  • Powder coated aluminum or stainless steel rack options
  • FDA approved 1.5, 3, and 10-liter polycarbonate tanks. Available with adult or larval baffles. Three-piece tank assembly (tank, lid, baffle) are easy to clean with no recesses and complicated parts. Adult baffle and tank form provide self-cleaning flow design for removal of settleable solids. 10-liter tanks fit only on the bottom two levels of any rack. Available 1 and 2 liter breeder tanks fit inside 3 and 10-liter tanks for “on-system” crosses
  • Five stage filtration system
    • Mechanical pre-filter
    • Zero maintenance, oversized moving bed biofilter
    • Large capacity 12 ft2 50-micron cartridge filter (3-4-week exchange)
    • Large capacity 3 lbs. activated carbon filter (3-4-week exchange)
    • UV disinfection rate of 110 mJ/cm2 at 12-month end of lamp life. UV mounted on side of rack for easy access
    • All components are supported by the rack above the laboratory floor for ease of cleaning
  • Filtration and UV bypass so system can be serviced while running
  • Advanced Walchem W900 life support controller with pH, conductivity, temperature probes in flow cell. Walchem probes are industrial grade and only require calibration every three months. System includes level sensor and flow sensor for safety and shut-down of electrical components in the event of a low water or low flow situation. Option for dissolved oxygen or total dissolved gas probes.
  • Monitor or control your system locally or remotely (via any internet ready device)
  • Chart and graph water quality parameters over time
  • Life support controller sends email or SMS text alerts when parameters are out of range
  • pH and conductivity dosing system with proven Iwaki metering pumps and large capacity dosing solution reservoirs (3-4 week refill).
  • Programmable automatic water exchange
  • System plumbing is designed with unions in strategic locations so the entire system can be disassembled for cleaning
  • Stainless steel heater standard for 5 degree C heat-up. Titanium heater option for marine systems.
  • Titanium Chiller option
  • Systems are designed to support up to 10 adult zebrafish per liter
  • 24-month warranty from delivery/installation

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Five shelf system
Fish holding volume: 222 liters
Total system volume: 297 liters
Adult zebrafish holding capacity: 2,220 adult fish @ 10 fish/L
Dimensions: 14" x 79" x 83"H
Operating Weight: 1,050 lbs

Six shelf system
Fish holding volume: 252 liters
Total system volume: 327 liters
Adult zebrafish holding capacity: 2,520 adult fish @ 10 fish/L
Dimensions: 14" x 79" x 92"H
Operating Weight: 1,200 lbs

120V/15A @60Hz
240V/7.5A @50 Hz